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November 8, 2020

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I'm TaSheena — Life & Leadership Coach. I am here to help you lead authentically and break through barriers of inequity in order to reach your goals.

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Vice President Kamala Harris

Today is a moment in the most historical year of my life. It is the day that the first Black woman has been elected as the Vice President of the United States of America. Mrs. Kamala D. Harris! After 4 days of agony and wonder if we were going to be able to cross over into a new era where we could exhale a breath of relief, we FINALLY, on Saturday November 7th, 2020, are able to celebrate.

The last 4 years has been one of extreme tension and lies and division. Democracy as it was known was done. We were slowly reversing back to the days of Jim Crow. Then came 2020. We started the year with Coronavirus. Normally, I would say it peeped it’s head to disrupt our lives – but NO, that thang completely got all in our business and shifted life as we knew it.

Then George Floyd happened. And Ahmaud Arberry. And Breonna Taylor. (Not in the order as listed). And the world, while being confined to their homes, were forced to see the horror with their own two eyes and not be able to dismiss it or to overlook it. They had to face it and finally saw that it is REAL! Racism is Real! And the streets went crazy! No longer were we going to sit around and just let things be. Black Lives Matter could be heard near and far. White folks got the balls to finally pull out cardboard boxes and declare it with us. Organizations saw a surge in PSA’s and their commitments to diversity. And every organization wanted a Chief Diversity Office. In every major city you started to see Black Lives Matter painted on the streets. Everybody seemed to finally care and it seemed like things were moving in a positive direction.  But then……

John Lewis died. He believed in “Good Trouble.” He believed in doing what you needed to do for the good of the disenfranchised and overlooked. He gave us hope and permission to get in trouble for what is good. His posthumous article told us how much he loved his lasting legacy and wanted us to fight on. And then…

Ruth Bader Ginsberg passed away. A woman of small stature and huge love and light. A woman who believed in the equality of all – female and male. A woman who on her dying bed wanted nothing but to have her Supreme Court seat replaced by Integrity.  And then…

Donald J. Trump gets Coronavirus while replacing that Supreme Court seat with Dishonesty. However it was to happen, he was going to make it happen. In the midst of it, he was able to cast a dark cloud over this country, while his minions followed him blindly – or so we thought.

As we watched Donald Trump dig a hole deeper and deeper, Stacey Abrams was busy organizing and building a powerhouse of voters in Georgia. Stacey Abrams and team was essentially the powerhouse behind Georgia’s success and the Biden Harris win. She was able to turn it Blue. For 28 years, this state was a Red state and in 2020, things changed.

Stacey Abrams

As a Mom of a Daughter and 3 sons, I cannot tell you how much pride I have to be a Black woman today. I’ve spent many years to prove myself, to fight for visibility, to get a seat at the table. And the proof that was being asked of me, was can I lead? Excuse, ma’am and sir, do you know who my ancestors were? I don’t come from slaves, I come from Kings and QUEENS. We are able to lead, and lead effectively. We are able to galvanize entire states, let alone rooms, and get people to follow where we are headed. One thing I know for certain, Black women was the force behind this win! And all along we have been the most disrespected demographic of people. We have been called angry, and incompetent, and freeloaders, and welfare queens. But today, with the election of Kamala Harris, we see and we know, that’s a damn lie.

As I focus more on my leadership and what my future holds, I think of the little black girl back in the day, who loved to read and laugh and dance. The little girl, who gave up on taking SAT’s as a way to protest how it is an unfair test. From being a single mom, going to college and barely making ends meet. To getting a Coaching certification, a Psychology Degree, back in school for my Masters, in a loving, lifetime relationship and making 6 figures; I know that this Black Girl Magic is a real thing. There is nothing that a Black woman can’t do, when she puts her mind to it.

Today I honor those Black women, who fearlessly lead us in all areas of life, big or small. The ones paving the paths for us to follow. My prayer is that you are covered by God’s Grace and that I have the ability to lead in a way that makes as much as an impact as you. #SALUTE #SAYHERNAME 

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