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Stop Complaining When Things Don’t go your Way

April 7, 2020

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I'm TaSheena — Life & Leadership Coach. I am here to help you lead authentically and break through barriers of inequity in order to reach your goals.

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I wish…This don’t make no sense….Why is this always….I’ll be glad when….I should’ve just stuck to….

These are all the things that I hear come out of people’s mouths whenever they are not getting everything that they want. It’s like people think that life is supposed to be all butterflies and rainbows ALL THE TIME. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Things happen because you have a lesson to learn and there is something that will actually make you stronger then you already are. Life is not for the faint or weak. You have to be strong to deal with what Life gives!

I was reading my Bible and was looking in the book of Exodus. Specifically, Exodus 15:22-27. This Bible passage speaks to how the Israelites were complaining when they were being freed from Egypt through Moses’ leadership. They were still in the wilderness, but the bondage that they were in before was actually worse. Can you imagine someone actually being freed from their bondage, but still complaining as they are being freed? Who does that?! Like really. Imagine it like this – a person has been working in a job for a long time making a certain dollar amount, and they are given the opportunity to move into a lateral role with a small percentage of dollar increase. They complain because they think that what they should actually get is a large increase and a promotion into a bigger role. They complain and complain! Wouldn’t you think that they are being selfish and self-centered? Maybe they should just stay where they are but, maybe the new role that they are going into is for their own good.

Back to the Bible passage…..what the Israelites did not know is that they were actually being led to a place of immense provision and blessing by God, BUT they had to go through the wilderness to get there. Now imagine that the person that just got hired into a lateral role was put in that role so that they could gain an enterprise mindset so that they know the many different aspects of the business that would give them the tools that they need to be in that higher position? Just like the Israelites!

You may currently be in a place where you can’t see what’s on the other side. You are stuck in a place that is truly temporary. I want to encourage you that in this place, there is a lot to be learned. This is the time to reflect on what matters to you. It is the time for you to discover what your purpose is. Don’t be like the Israelites who complained about being inconvenienced for a time, or the employee who is complaining about a different role. Don’t be like them. The promise on the other side is that you will end up in a place that exceeds your wildest dreams and not at all what you expected. That’s how God works. But, stop the complaining!

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