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Acknowledging God

February 16, 2020

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I'm TaSheena — Life & Leadership Coach. I am here to help you lead authentically and break through barriers of inequity in order to reach your goals.

Meet TaSheena

I am naturally a pretty private person. I keep my personal life separate from my professional life and I don’t really share everything about me because the reality is that most people cannot handle my story. The reason I know that is because it ultimately becomes a water cooler conversation and biases and judgment become apparent. Lately however, I have found the power in truly owning my story and being forthcoming about who I am and what has gotten me to them place I am, no matter if people can handle it or not. Owning and sharing my story has brought me to a place of questions if I should share how much God is a critical factor in my life, or should I shy away from it and not share it all, in fear of someone feeling disrespected. But lately, I’ve thought about how the Bible says that I should not be ashamed to acknowledge who God is in my life and what he has done for me. I trust that God will not allow my story of who He is in my life, to force me into abandonment or being alone.

I’ve had several people asking me how I accelerated in my career like I have in the past year. Of course, I worked hard to get to where I am. I have also sacrificed time, money, and sleep. But, I would be ignorant to not share that God has been critical to the elevation that has happened for me. I was at a period of my life where I was depressed and feeling stuck in my job. Several years ago, I decided to take my career into a corporate environment, but at what is viewed as the lowest level career – an Administrative Assistant. I will tell you, by no means do I view it that way. I actually think it is the MOST critical role in the corporate environment, AND the one where you see everything that is going on. You get to be in all the business – LITERALLY. But, since it is seen that way, it actually sets you up to be viewed as not strategic, not ambitious, not really “smart.” You are forced into a box. It’s a service based role, where you are literally at everyone’s beck and call. However, I chose to go into this career because I became a Mom and needed a little more stability in my life. Not, because I was not ambitious or didn’t want more. In actuality, I was a high level manager before making the pivot.

So, when I decided to go into Coaching, I was not given a fair chance. My boss at the time, did not want to pay for the courses – which normally the company pays for. And once, I was able to begin a rotation (which basically means you go into a role for a set period of time and learn the job and take it back), my boss at that time thought I was not qualified. She believed this although I had a Certification AND was probably only a handful of people in the Coaching role to have one. I eventually got the role full-time, and my boss at the time had so many negative things to say. So much so, that I was shocked because she hadn’t been my current manager for no more than a month before I moved on. She really didn’t know me.

Now, when people ask me how did I get my position, I have to say it was God. I worked hard, and I put action behind my faith. I share with them the power of faith. I actually find it difficult to leave God out of the conversation, because the way I accelerated, typically has not happened for anyone in the company. Especially, a woman of color.

“I know it is super important for me to consistently share who God is for me in my life, and the miraculous things He has done for me.”

How have you acknowledged God in your life? Have you been unashamed about your story? I want to hear from you. Let me know in the comments below.

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